Happy Vegz

Happy Vegz is a vegetarian cafe/eatery which serves gastronomic food (my view) – healthy and affordable. This place is managed by some members of the Hare Krishna faith who are health conscious individuals. The cook also a Hare Krishna practitioner,  only uses fresh and  organic vegetables, with fresh herbs and spices when cooking.

So far, this is the best vegetarian place we have been to in Davao City. The food looks simple yet sumptuous with many exciting dishes to choose from not to mention the healthy fresh fruit juices that they serve. Honestly, I always end up in food coma – in a good way. My hubby and I had lunch in here (photo below) and we ordered six varieties of vegetables with a small plate of chutney and three cups of red rice plus a glass of fresh carrot, and  watermelon; this lunch only cost us PhP 225. Indeed, happy tummy in Happy Vegz.


Location: Camus St., Fronting  (almost) People’s Park, Davao City

Opening Hours: M-Sat. 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

D’ Je Suis Vegetarian Shoppe

A small Vegetarian store located in Bangkal, Davao City which sells vegetarian and vegan foods. This is a wholesale and retail shop that offers variety of local and imported products from vegetarian meat, textured vegetarian protein, tofu, vege tapa, franks, seaweeds, canned foods, soya milk, spices and other food items.

This is one of the stores that my hubby and I often visit to get our food supply except canned foods. Not that we buy canned foods in other stores, the truth is, we no longer eat canned foods whether vegetarian or vegan friendly. This store also bakes fresh wheat flour bread. Most of the food items that they sell, I can buy in the supermarket or other stores, however, there are three things that are only available in this store (maybe I am unaware), or I find it too expensive, that I come here to purchase:  vegan patis (fish sauce) – available only in Metro Manila supermarkets, soya protein powder locally produce (200g powder for only PhP 50), and vege tapas and franks  (a treat once in a while).

When you are in Davao City, you should come and visit this healthy store plus the owner and the staff are friendly.

P. S.

Location: Km. 7 MacArthur Highway Bangkal, Davao City

Opening Hours: M-F and Sunday 8:00 – 6:00, Friday (half day)

Contact Number: (082) 297 6318

Vegan Hygienic Foodhaus

Facade of Vegan Hygienic Foodhaus (inset, my photbomber hubby).

No, I do not celebrate my birthdays. Grateful, yes, for another year’s blessing, I always am.  On March 20, my birthday, I decided to do a ‘me time,’ – meaning, spending time in a salon and spa getting my haircut, pedicure, waxing, and facial,  however, my hubby decided to come along with me because it was my birthday.

Short Order Menu on board.

For our lunch, we headed to Vegan Hygienic Foodhaus. You see, I am vegan and my husband is vegetarian. It was our first time to try this vegan restaurant. We heard many good reviews about this place but we never get the chance to visit it. Actually, we did come to see this place once on a Saturday but it was closed. So, on my birthday, we went back again to give it a try. And, we were not disappointed. Not only do they serve healthy vegan food, the couple who owns the restaurant, vegan for 26 years, were friendly, and we ended up chatting with them, most of the time with the husband who is a medical doctor, about veganism.

Vegan Pizza: thin crust, all veges and no pineapple – per our request, topped with vegan cheese.


When you are Davao City, and you are looking for a vegan restaurant, Vegan Hygienic Foodhaus is a must try. They served ready to eat food, and also take short orders. My hubby and I ordered three kinds of vegetables, and we each had a cup of red rice. For our dessert, we had vegan ube ice cream. The lunch cost us a a total of PhP335. Before coming to this place, we were informed to try their pizza. So, we ended up ordering a take away Vegan Pizza.  The thin crust was homemade, and the vegetables and vegan cheese were perfect all together. The whole pizza cost PhP500., but was totally worth the price. We also tried their vegan bread (I’d like to call it Brioche, whatever) made of wheat and topped with sesame seeds which was PhP65. for 6 pieces. Of course, we did not miss buying wheat noodles which was naturally colored yellow with Turmeric. Just to say though that I am not a big fan of using plastic for packaging, this however, could be improved.  Per pack of this vegan pansit noodle cost PhP 100. This is how we ended our afternoon in this restaurant, not to celebrate my birthday but to try their vegan food and to support the vegan community. So if you are thinking of spending a healthy lunch and afternoon, try to visit this food house.

Freshly baked Vegan Bread made of wheat flour and topped with sesame seeds.
Vegan pansit noodles made of wheat and naturally colored with Turmeric.


Opening Hours: M-TH 9-8 P.M., F-9-5.30 P.M., Sunday 10-8 P.M.

Location: Ecoland, Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City