Allo! Welcome to my blog.

This is a journal of my personal experiences. My stories may not be entirely new, either you have read it from someone else’s story or may be similar to your own, hence, the Postscripts.  Simply an ‘after writing,’ or informally adding a touch to the story. After all, life is meant to be lived and shared. 

I am Jackie. Born Pisces. I was raised, and have lived, and worked in many islands of Philippines for the last 37 years of my life. Add two years to that which had been spent  in Vanuatu Island doing voluntary development work. And an additional four years where I lived in the same island but had been doing consultancy works for UNICEF and UN Women in the countries of South Pacific. In 2014, I moved back to Philippines with my husband.  At the time of writing, I have roved 19 countries either working or simply wandering.

At present, I am a housewife, married to a French Canadian who I met in Vanuatu. A mother to a domestic yet wild outdoor cat, actually to all cats I suppose.

When I am not busy ‘house wifing’, I enjoy doing crafts, gardening, and making homemade products. I love to trek, climb mountains, jog, however, my activities are now limited to brisk-walk/trek and yoga since I started rehabilitating my right shoulder for muscular spasm five years ago, parallel to nursing a cracked left ankle left injured by a mountain climbing accident about eight years ago.

I am vegan who used to be semi-vegetarian – pescatarian – ovo lacto vegetarian – ovo vegetarian before becoming vegan, a long journey indeed!  

So, the story begins…


This domain name, bought by my hubby for me, has been in existence but inactive since 2013 due to many reasons, mostly procrastination – shamelessly admitting, but I do hope to sustain this blog and continue to share my stories with you.